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Photographing the West podcast

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May 30, 2020

Dan Carr is a Canadian Wildlife Photographer with a passion for wildlife photography and adventure! He loves to explore western Canada whether by kayak, air, underwater or on foot. Please join us for an interesting discussion of his approach to wildlife photography.


Dan Carr Photography

May 15, 2020

Joe and Mary Ann McDonald are well-known professional wildlife photographers who have traveled the globe in search of great wildlife photos. They share their experiences in this podcast as well as their approach to surviving the current pandemic photographically. They’re wonderful people and it was great to get to...

May 4, 2020

This recording is audio only. For the video version, go to  We’re doing something different in this episode, we’re doing a group discussion of the state of photography in the midst of the current pandemic and photography’s future in the post-pandemic years. With me today are Brenda...