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Photographing the West podcast

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Nov 30, 2021

Kerrick has lived in, explored and photographed Arizona for 30 years. Kerrick shares his experiences and his photos with us. Tune in to discover where to go and what to photograph in the Grand Canyon State.




Nov 15, 2021

To photograph owls, you need to know where to find them. Matt Miller and I explore ways to find owls including knowing the habitat of owls, using online resources to better understand owls and which apps give you recent sightings.

Owl Resources:

Cool Green Science:

Birds of the World:...

Oct 30, 2021

Dan Cox is a wildlife photographer who specializes in polar bear photography through his work with Polar Bear International. He shares his expertise on polar bears and polar bear photography. Learn all aspects of polar bear photography in Churchill, Manitoba including tundra buggies, photography guides and DIY...

Oct 15, 2021

The Ruby Mountains are a remote and rugged mountain range in far northeastern Nevada. Nestled in the Ruby Mountains is the 37,632 acre Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Please join me while I photograph the wildlife and waterfowl of the refuge.



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Oct 1, 2021

Jimmy Breitenstein explains the advantages of a floating blind, how best to prepare to use a floating blind and how to get great photos using a floating blind. Then we review some of Jimmy's gorgeous waterfowl shots from a floating blind.

IG: jimmyb_intothewild

YT: Jimmy Breitenstein


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